KEY CONCEPT #3 Participation The concept of participatory media enables and empowers the participant to be part of whatever thing they are interested in real space or time. Sounds a lot like user created content? Yes, it does, here’s the difference. User created content invites the participant to create and upload their own content with … Continue reading Participation

User Created Content

KEY CONCEPT #1 User Created Content User created content refers to, “sites such as blogs, practices such as citizen journalism, and platforms such as YouTube, where users are empowered to become creators and distributors of digital content.” (Flew, 34) User created content could be the most important concept related to this industry and likewise responsible … Continue reading User Created Content

My Profession

My chosen profession is fitness model, competitor, and all around healthy lifestyle activist. I chose fitness because of my current affiliation with the National Physique Committee and my ongoing commitment to health in general. I am currently a national qualified athlete and part of advancing to the next level, pro, includes establishing a solid social … Continue reading My Profession